Welcome to Project Two

Panel One

Screenshot of panel one.

Overall, I am proud of what I have produced for panel one. The hardest parts were trying to get my carousel images the right size and trying to figure out media queries. I am most proud of my use of the bootstrap grid within other bootstrap elements. In the future, I would like to see us work on more media queries for optimization at minimum and maximum. Maybe another practice assignment on it?

Panel Two

Screenshot of panel two.

I enjoyed making this panel because I finally feel like I can make a professional website. The hardest part of this panel was picking a template or theme. There are so many to choose from, and I was unsure which one would work best with my content. Once I found one I liked, I was confused about some of the bootstrap elements and exactly what code produced what on the screen. Overall, I am happy with my panel two.

Panel Three

Screenshot of panel three.

I am finally done with project two, and I am proud of my work! This panel was the most fun to create because it focused on the design portion of web design. I loved picking my monochromatic color scheme and mixing different hues of green to make an asthetic page. Furthermore, I went through and rounded all my corners on the page. Overall, I think I learned the most from this panel becuase I constantly had to go through and understand what the code was changing. It was a challenge to figure out what you needed to alter to get the results you wanted, but I am happy with the overall product.