Why Should YOU Come to the University of Georgia?- The Academics!

Based on usnews.com, UGA is ranked within the top fifty public schools in the Nation. However, some of their programs excel beyond that. For example, Terry College of Business was ranked 12th nationally for best public business schools in 2019, and Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications was ranked third nationally in 2013 by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Furthermore, UGA has award winning programs for its College of Education, School of Law, and College of Veterinary Medicine.

Why are the Academics at UGA so Great?

  1. Free Tutoring - From Chemistry to English, there is staff available to help you every day! Plus, free peer tutoring is also available.
  2. Tons of Study Areas - Whether you prefer to study with friends or in absolute silence, UGA has plenty of places for you to study. There are also tons of group study rooms, white boards, and computers available to you.
  3. Helpful Staff - The faculty wants every student to succeed. In all classes, the professor and teaching assistants are available via email and office hours. Many professors will even meet with you during alternative times to fit your schedule.

The arch at UGA.

The Tradition of the Arch

The Arch was built in the 1850s as a part of an original fence that surrounded campus. Now, it is just a marker that signifies the entrance to UGA. Its three pillars - standing for wisdom, justice, and moderation - are now only walked through once you graduate. Legend has it that if someone walks under the arch before they graduate, they will never graduate from UGA.